Craig SteinshouerClient Relations and Development

A true A/V veteran, Craig began his career in 1984 as a hotel technician with Swank Audio Visual and continued moving from small shows to bigger and bigger events. After joining AVHQ/PSAV in 1990, he spent the next twenty-eight years working his way from hotel technician and advancing to ever greater levels of responsibility and leadership. These responsibilities included serving as assistant director of A/V, then director of A/V, project manager, account executive, branch director, and ultimately regional vice president of operations. One of Craig’s greatest accomplishments was the role he played in growing the Hawaii market from two hotels to over 20 and 3 warehouses on the islands. In March of 2017, Craig made the professional and personal decision to leave PSAV after 28 years to use his skills and abilities at 5-0 Productions.

Adrenaline Rush
Craig enjoys stand up paddle as well as longboard surfing. Craig’s most memorable stand up paddle experience occurred on a beautiful, sunny day when he was out on Maui’s south shore. The water was crystal clear and, as he was paddling out to meet the waves, he was startled to see a large, dark object approaching! As the shape neared, it became clear the shape was a shark. Not just any shark but, as Craig could tell by the stripes, a Tiger Shark. The animal was longer than Craig’s board which was 10 feet. The shark silently patrolled near Craig for a while before moving on down the coast. Lucky thing it wasn’t hungry at that moment. Craig is also an avid hiker and gets out to explore the wilds as much as possible. Perhaps his favorite pastime though is golf and he loves to enjoy time on the links when he can. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.