Attendees may forgive you

if the chicken is dry at a banquet.


They may even

overlook a little rain.


They might be less gracious,

however, if they can’t hear

because of bad audio.


Here’s an idea.

You worry about the chicken and the weather, and we’ll take care of all things production.

We’ve got this.

The Talk

  • I’ve had only positive reviews from our faculty, grads and guests.
    They all loved the video and live feed element, and I think this was a good example of what we can do when we hold this ceremony off campus. Your crew was spectacular at the event – you guys had everything under control throughout and did a great job.

    Dave Hunt Director of Communications and Marketing / New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Arizona State University
  • If I can’t have 5-O Productions as part of my team, I won’t take on the event.
    I mean it. 5-0 Productions is a non-negotiable. Any client that thinks the level of work that we are known for can happen with an inexperienced A/V team is not our kind of client. We deliver unforgettable conference experiences because we have heart, we have vision and we have a technical team—5-0 Productions—that knows how to bring all that to life. They engineer the design, install the gear and nail every cue, plus we have fun in the process.

    Kathy Heasley President and Founder / HEASLEY&PARTNERS
  • I can't thank you enough for our event's success
    It was definitely unusual to change so drastically so many times and all of us having such a high work load made it quite challenging and worrisome. It really was great having your support. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together!

    Jeremy Houston Staging Solutions, Inc.
  • We were so fortunate to have your help on this event.
    I know you guys took extra measures to make sure this went well for us, and it is tremendously appreciated. Remember how nervous I was about that outdoor stage? I should’ve just listened to you guys and not worried, it was perfect!

    John Fisher Staging Solutions, Inc.
  • Another great year working with your team.
    It's a delight to know how seriously you take the experience of our attendees, and how well 5-0 treats their visual and auditory perception. As always, we are grateful for the work that you do, and appreciate the great energy that you helped to create this year.

    Steve Lefkovits Executive Producer / Joshua Tree Conference Group
  • Everything went very well at the gala!
    The team did a wonderful job. Everything was perfect. Yes, we sent the guys home with a case of wine as a thank-you. Hopefully, everyone enjoyed it!

    Katie Wing Executive Director / First Way Pregnancy Center
  • Thanks so much for everything.
    I was mentioning to John that it is so nice to see a company that cares about its gear so much. I travel the country and I am yet to find someone that does to the same extent you do. I look forward to working with you guys again.

    Carlos M. Rodriguez Technical Director
  • It was a huge success at all levels. Thank you to you and your team.
    Eric, Frank, Zach and John did a great job and I appreciate all of their efforts.  A special shout out to Glenn for his audio genius.  Pulling that surprise closing walk-out song was the best way to end a perfect evening.

    Brian Siebrandt Conference Producer / Winsight Events
  • My experience with the 5-0 team was outstanding.
    Everyone worked tirelessly and with outstanding attitudes all week.  The team worked long hours and... every effort was delivered to ensure that our needs were met.  ... they responded both professionally and with grace.  They simply pressed on and made things happen.

    Marty Ybarra Global Accounts Manager / InnoVia Events

Choose experience…

of cues executed

of happy attendees

of cable laid


Meeting Planners Trust 5-0 Productions with Their A-List Speakers

General Colin Powell Lou Holtz Bill Clinton John Kerry Peyton Manning Dan Fouts Jeffrey Immelt Howard Shultz George Will George H. W. Bush George W. Bush Condoleezza Rice Steve Forbes Rudy Giuliani Jerry Colangelo Magic Johnson Captain Scott Kelly Howard Kurtz Rich Karlgaard Jamie Clarke Sir Richard Branson Ram Charan Cameron Herold and many others


Riding the Wave

The Island of Maui. That’s where company founder and CEO, Carey Dicksion would surf when he wasn’t putting in the long hours as a member of the famous Grand Wailea Resort’s A/V team. It was there that Carey learned the ins and outs of audio-visual production. And it was riding Maui’s giant waves that honed his nerve. the rocks, the currents, the hazards, they were all real. If you remember the opening theme to TV’s Hawaii Five-0, then you’ll understand. You had to know what you were doing, stay alert and enjoy the ride.

After a decade of working in the business, Carey Dicksion started 5-0 Productions. That was 2004, and ever since, the company has been riding the wave of success by applying decades of experience, and doing whatever it takes to make the events they do as close to perfect as live events can be.

5-0 Productions knows anyone can rent you gear. Audio-visual production is not about gear. It’s about the right team managing that gear. It’s not about the surf board; it’s about the guy controlling the surf board. Keeping it away from the rocks. And there are plenty of rocks in any stage production. Experience. Nerve. Finesse. 5-0.

When asked what is the one thing that 5-0 Productions delivers that no one else can claim, clients always say the same thing: Peace of mind, a good night’s sleep, no worries. And that’s it. 5-0 Productions has built its business and reputation on making sure clients who embark on the ever-shifting seas of event production do so with ease, with confidence and one other important thing: They absolutely enjoy the ride.