Tori SmithOffice Management

Tori’s diverse background means she is a woman with many interests and abilities. She knows how to turn complexity into order. A perfect talent to keep the many moving parts of an audio-visual company in line and in motion. Prior to joining 5-0 Productions, Tori was an executive assistant at High End Labor Pool, an A/V labor staffing company that is known for placing the right A/V technicians on the right jobs. This gave Tori invaluable insight and knowledge into the human resource component of the business, which she draws from heavily to this day. Concurrently, she worked side by side with a specialized reproductive veterinarian as a breeding assistant at the Scottsdale Equine Reproduction Center. Prior to that she worked in the equestrian field breeding and showing Arabian horses in Montana, Minnesota, Georgia and Arizona. She also did a stint in customer service and sales at Go Daddy.

Adrenaline Rush
Arabian horses are considered the most majestic and beautiful of all horse breeds. Working with 1,000-pound show animals is absolutely an adrenaline rush. Showing them is an even bigger rush, assisting in breeding, more high-stakes still. Tori did all this and more. Tori is a wife, mother (adrenaline, yes!), music lover and, of course, animal enthusiast. When Tori is not keeping the 5-0 office running smoothly, she enjoys tending to her family and her two black Labs, one mini-Schnauzer and three cats. After managing all that, (whew!), Tori loves traveling, camping and attending music concerts. Her lifestyle kind of makes surfing seem easy!